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TNG: Code of Honor

Leadership shines through in this infamous episode.

4 months ago

On this episode, Jeff Akin reviews Star Trek The Next Generation, Code of Honor (Season 1, Episode 4). He will examine the leadership approaches of Captain Picard.

Let's be honest, this is probably the worst episode in all of Star Trek. Despite all of that, there are very valuable leadership lessons in this one.

Picard creates an environment on the bridge where he leans on the collective expertise of the people of his team. He's not interested in being the hero, he just wants the best possible outcome and by listening to those around him, he's able to do that.

What does it mean to be coachable? We hear about coaching all the time, but what about getting coached; being coachable? Picard demonstrates what that looks like with extreme grace, especially given the terrible situation he finds himself in.

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