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DIS: Choose Your Pain

Saru creates the perfect performance feedback model. Oh, and Harry Mudd!

3 months ago

In this episode, Jeff Akin magnifies Saru's performance as an acting captain in Season 1 Episode 5, "Star Trek: Discovery" Choose Your Pain. Due to the Klingons abducting Lorca, it is up to Saru to take over the captainship and lead the whole crew. As Saru takes on the role, he reviews the qualities set up by the computer to use as his leadership model. These qualities are bravery, self-sacrifice, intelligence, tactical brilliance, and compassion. Will Saru succeed? Later, watch out as Jeff talks about a robust feedback model that can transform you and your team in a crisis situation in light of the lessons from Saru. Listen to the episode and join Jeff as he talks about the lessons we can learn from Saru's example of leadership and more. Your After-action After Saru   After Jeff reviewed the episode, we found out that Saru failed to follow the qualities of the fleet's most decorated captains. He disrespected a senior medical officer and the brain behind the spore drive in front of the whole bridge. He even pawned his performance as the acting captain on to Burnham instead of owning up to it.  When he reviewed his performance, Saru displayed self-awareness by expressing, "I know what I did." Having self-awareness is known to be one of the facets of emotional intelligence for leaders. However, Saru was not able to show bravery, compassion, or tactical brilliance in his stint as the captain. For Jeff, there is a valuable insight in this episode of "Discovery" that can help leaders. E.g., learn the qualities of your leader models. By doing this, you discover and do the successful traits of your standout models quantitative to you. Setting up periodic check-ins on your development is also key. If you're pretty recognized in your field, a quarterly check-in is a good tempo. If you're starting, bi-weekly may be the one that will work. Jeff also cites a powerful performance review model from J. Elise Keith's "Where the Action Is." We use the Action Review Tool after a task and begin with fact-checking followed by observations and learnings. It is then used to determine an immediate improvement plan plus the incredible insights for the after-action. Listen more about how you can learn from the episode of "Star Trek: Discovery" Choose Your Pain in the Starfleet Leadership Academy Podcast! About Starfleet Leadership Academy:   Star Trek is full of great examples of leadership. Jeff Akin, a leader with over 20 years of executive management experience in both the public and private sectors, breaks down each episode of Star Trek, from The Original Series to Discovery and beyond, pointing out examples of great leadership, management, lean/six-sigma, communication and more. If you enjoy Star Trek, or are even a little Trek-curious, and have an appetite for leadership development, this is the podcast for you! Outline of the episode: ●      [01:05] How Cornwell sees Burnham ●      [04:51] Saru cross-references his skills with Starfleet's most decorated captains ●      [08:38] Stamet refocuses on a knock-out that's on the verge ●      [13:08] Rating Lorca and Saru based on bravery, self-sacrifice, intelligence, tactical brilliance, and compassion ●      [17:05] Lorca and Tyler outsmart the Klingons; Saru displays bravery and compassion ●      [20:47] Saru pawns his poor performance onto Burnham ●      [22:57] Having self-awareness, Saru interjects the computer's performance review of him ●      [27:28] How to learn from Saru's Performance Review ●      [31:08] The Pareto Chart: In the assessment of skills and qualities of standouts ●      [33:28] The Action Review Tool Resources: Find Where the Action Is, Book by J. Elise Keith: Follow the fleet and connect through: Website: Twitter:   Instagram: Facebook: YouTube:

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